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A week ago Mask & Hand launched a cooperation with the 3 Village Dads Foundation trying to help the find a way to supply their Members with quality hand sanitizer. This has been a rather challenging process taking into account the current demand for hand sanitizing materials, however we feel it is our duty to help as many people as we possibly can to protect themselves against the Covid-19 threat.

After receiving a great number of orders we began shipping on Friday, May 1st, so that our customers would receive their hand sanitizers as soon as possible. Shipments should begin arriving on May the 5th. 

Being able to help is of  “Monumental importance to our team” so we worked around the clock including late at night to ensure the order went out in a timely manner. To us, the extra effort is completely worth it. 

Not only do we donate 5% of total sales value to the Foundation, but our company also matches that with an additional 5%. Effectively bringing our profit margins down to near zero. However for us, the two main goals are...

  1. Enabling more people to be able to find quality hand sanitizer.
  2. Helping Americans stay employed and giving businesses the ability to properly sanitize their workspace. 

Do you think we can work with your foundation as well? Get in touch with us now. 

Legal Disclaimer

*In response to regulatory uncertainty and a constantly evolving market, Mask & Hand seeks to mitigate risk by developing flexible solutions, which aim to reduce the spread of Covid-19 virus. All our products are GRAS (Generaly Reconized As Safe) and not medical products nor can they be considered as medicine. Their only purpose is to be used for therapeutic prevention and reduction of the spread of the disease

FDA Disclaimer. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. *Consult your physician before beginning any therapy program.

Additional Content:
Have you or someone close to you been monitored, quarantined or tested — and can you share about the process? Are you a medical professional dealing with this who wants to share your experience and needs at this time? Are you a student or worker affected by closures? Are there questions you have about the coronavirus and COVID-19 response that haven’t been answered? We want to hear about your experience. Please email us at info@maskandhand.com