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How we form our prices

A transparent explanation on the process so that everyone can see that we are not gouging.


Folks We Are In This for the Long run!

We have received a number of comments that we are benefiting from the crisis and gouging our prices. As this is definitely not the case we decided to give a clear and transparent split on our pricing.

Hand & Mask disinfectant is much different than every day "Hand Sanitizer" the bottom line is our product is completely different here's why, OURS IS "IN STOCK"!

AT A REASONABLE PRICE DELIVERED! Yes, it's $.30 more per unit and for good reason currently there is a shortage of bottles and raw materials!

How we form our prices:

AMERICAN COMPANY, AMERICAN WORKERS who are essential! All of our ingredients are also sourced and "MADE IN THE USA"
The formulation is not just alcohol and water, our key ingredients are Alcohol 70% Hydrogen peroxide, Ozone, and Colloidal Silver and a spray/using 50% less material to do the correct job! So, in essence, you are spending $ .85 per bottle not per oz. Freight is $12.00 for 2-day delivery USPS.

So each bottle actually costs $1.70. Let's Break it down further:


  • Bottle - $ .25
  • Spray Cap - $ .25
  • Label - $ .10
  • Labor - $ .25
  • Total - $ .85
  • Alcohol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Ozone

Total Cost to Produce $1.25

Total COG $1.25 @1.70 per piece we are below the normal price of a comparable product without chain supply issues. With the 50% portion control spray head that's $.85 per bottle. We are hopeful that you find a company that will take the time out to educate and explain and stand by their products as we do. We are doing our best to supply you the best overall quality and price, as demand goes up and it will so will the prices of "USA MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS" whom we support and